The Objective

Renault was looking to engage, inspire and motivate its target audience (men, 30+) through a 360-degree content partnership that would allow it to claim the extreme sports domain as its own.

The Media Partners

The campaign was based on a dedicated platform, the TV channel RTL 5, YouTube and RTL XL social media.

The Brand Idea

A unique 360-degree, digital first content partnership, combining compelling content with a smart use of multiple touchpoints, to promote the Renault Kadjar.

The Plan

The concept

Three unknown but experienced extreme sports lovers took a road trip through France in a Renault Kadjar, starting from Paris and making ten stops in picturesque locations in order to participate in sports such as kite surfing, street luging and downhill mountain biking. The trio was joined in each location by a celebrity or social media influencer.

Multi-screen format, digital first

RTL, Fuse Branded Entertainment Bureau and Towel Media teamed up to produce the multiscreen format, with content designed for every device. Content was distributed on a range of platforms: twice a week on, YouTube, RTL XL social media and on the TV station RTL 5 on a weekly basis for a period of ten weeks.

A brand promotion on TV and online activated viewers to stop watching and start living, driving them to engage with the various touchpoints. A special website allowed visitors to choose their own favourite road trip route and win a trip together with three friends in a Renault Kadjar, and test drives and brochures could be requested directly on the campaign page.

The Results


Of viewers thought that the Renault Kadjar
was a (very) good match with the content


Of viewers recognised Renault Kadjar as the partner, with the car
enjoying a better image and preference

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