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Summer Magazine 2018

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The TV Key Facts is RTL AdConnect's essential study on television and advertising, covering 39 countries including 35 European countries as well as India, China, the United States and Japan.

Produced in collaboration with Europe’s major audience and advertising data collection institutes, this indispensable annual survey is available to all of RTL AdConnect's advertising partners.

It is composed of a magazine looking at programming, audience and advertising trends and a country-by-country database providing a detailed outline of the television landscapes, market-by-market.

In particular, it details the TV landscapes with domestic and foreign channels, pay-TV and digital TV as well as viewing patterns, differentiated audience figures and advertising expenditures, covering 35 European and 4 overseas countries.

Facts & Figures


70th anniversary of the victory of Japan over China on CCTV1


Watch TV during prime time in Europe


Of European TV households receive their signal by satellite


Studies & Publications

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RTL AdConnect produces in-depth market analysis of most European countries. We can accurately gauge performances based on trend research, data collection and our comprehensive expertise. Our sectorial studies include country profiles, audience shares, total video consumption habits, GRP shares, media planning tips, programmes trends and advertising spending by media.


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