100 Jingles, One Identity

February 11, 2020

02/10/2020, Belgium, RTL-TVI

RTL-TVI launches its new on-air identity.

Since early January 2020, television viewers have been discovering RTL-TVI’s new on-air identity, often also referred to as “station IDs”. The RTL Belgium team behind this revamping lift the lid on the creative process.

“These jingles are broadcast several times an hour, they have to reflect the channel’s DNA and image,” explains Eusebio Larrea, Production Manager of RTL Belgium’s channels. “Creating them is a major challenge – not only do we have to find the idea that allows us to shoot more than a hundred, they also need to be able to go the distance over a long broadcasting period.”

Olivier Pairoux, Art Director at RTL Belgium, has been behind the channels’ branding for some years now. It was him who also worked on the previous on-air identity, dating back to 2012. “A lot has changed in eight years. The old jingles still symbolised this notion of a huge TV in the living room, by using a platform set up in public places. In 2020, television goes everywhere we go and we watch it on different supports thanks to RTL Play in particular. This is what the new ID had to illustrate through these ad jingles,” he says.

Filming of these three-seconds jingles began at the start of 2019 and continued throughout the year until the end of December. “Proximity remains at the heart of the concept. The idea was to refresh the channel’s image whilst continuing to convey RTL’s values,” Olivier Pairoux continues. “Each jingle spotlights a person of any age and any style somewhere in Belgium. The idea is to have a representative panel of the audience. We shot in a number of locations in Belgium, from Liège to Mons as well as Dinant, Huy and Brussels. On the graphics side, a more pared down RTL-TVI logo with a one-point perspective and an overall play on symmetry give the channel a more modern touch. And the music backs this up with a selection that’s a bit more electro.”

“The work to create this visual ID took over a year. As well as the briefing and endorsements at every stage with Sandrine Gobbesso (Television General Manager), it required close cooperation between several departments including that of Veerle Derijcke (Head of TV Programme Continuity). We also worked a lot with the communication department and Philippe Jaumain (Brand Communication Director), who monitored all the stages to ensure that the channel’s general communication was consistent with the development of the new identity – and let’s not forget the IP Belgium teams, Marc Hootele and his co-workers in Creative Solutions. A new on-air visual identity had been expected for quite some time and it was important to include the commercial teams to provide more sponsorship opportunities,” adds Eusebio Larrea.

Meanwhile Ludovic de Barrau, Commercial Director at IP Belgiumbelieves that these new jingles are a terrific opportunity for their partners: “They allow multiple creative solutions for the integration of brands and for linking with the ad immediately following the jingle. This translates into greater fluidity and a better impact for the brands.”

Other shoots are planned during 2020, notably in Charleroi, the North Sea and in the province of Luxembourg.

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