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1,000 Episodes: ‘Les Reines du Shopping’

“Les Reines du Shopping” will celebrate its 1,000th episode on October 22. Cristina Cordula has been hosting the show since June 2013. This time, she welcomes five winners of past seasons as contestants. Summed up, 1,000 contestants have competed with each other over the course of five years and shopped for outfits that best matched the appropriate themes in a total of 5,304 boutiques.
On June 10, 2013, M6 put a new show on the air in France that had already caused a sensation in Germany on Vox and in the Netherlands on RTL 5 – and it seemed custom-tailored for the country of haute couture: “Les Reines du Shopping”. Now, the French adaptation of “Shopping Queen” is celebrating its first big anniversary. The 1,000th episode will air on Monday, October 22, as always at 5:30 p.m. And, as always, with Cristina Cordula as its host. This time, she will welcome five outstanding winners from past seasons who will now compete against each other for the first time.

© Emma Laupa / M6
They are just five of the 1,000 contestants in total who have participated in “Les Reines du Shopping” over the past five years. They made their purchases within a predefined budget and for a specific occasion in precisely 5,304 boutiques to present their results to each other – and to criticize them. 200 themes were presented in the 1,000 shows, and the M6 team traveled thousands of kilometers across France for this purpose. The five contestants for the anniversary edition are between 29 and 45 years of age, including a Brazilian fashion blogger, a Paris pianist, and a hairdresser from Brest. According to M6, the competition in “Les Reines du Shopping” was never tougher.
Cristina Cordula is one person who is able to judge this statement better than anybody else. She has been hosting the show from the beginning. She especially remembers the episodes in which her two famous friends, fashion designers Jean-Paul Gaultier and Chantal Thomass, participated. Questioned about the secrets to the show’s success, which regularly delivers a strong audience share to M6 during access primetime, Cordula said: “It is an entertaining program during which viewers also learn tricks and tips that everybody can apply. But it is also a program for good spirit and good fun. In my opinion, shopping is a connective element – and all of these elements make for the success of this show.” (benet)