Powered by RTL Group | October 2018

25 Years of TV Transformation


Carine Jean-Jean, Communications Director, RTL AdConnect

TV Key Facts is celebrating its 25th anniversary. We’ve seen tremendous changes over the past 25 years, but the biggest ones have of course been the digital revolution and the impressive evolution in terms of equipment, technology, and more specifically, the change in viewing habits.

This new fragmented experience has impacted the audience in unexpected ways. In fact, over the past 25 years, TV viewing time has increased by almost one hour! Whether it’s local fiction or global formats, the past 25 years have seen the emergence of so many successful programmes exported worldwide, no doubt contributing to the prosperity of TV and audience increase. This incredible boost has also been driven by the exponential growth of possibilities and opportunities in accessing video content. With the boom of digital, content creation has become accessible for everyone, changing the perception we have of content, changing the way it’s produced, distributed and consumed. We saw the birth of new trends, new genres, new formats, new consumption habits considerably impacting audiences, such as the emergence of young YouTube talents who attract a powerful worldwide audience, and especially influence the younger target groups. However, whatever the format or the device, the essential key across the board to reach audiences remains great content, in any form.