A new at-home reality

April 29, 2020

04/24/2020, Israel, Inception

Bookful, the leading augmented reality children’s reading app by Inception, has been selected by Verizon to assist with the new at-home reality.

Verizon is offering its customers free at-home educational tools to help them through the covid-19 pandemic. Bookful has been selected as one of the top 4 online learning apps provided free to their customers, granting full access to the Bookful library and games.

Bookful brings children’s books to life with Augmented Reality and 3D animations, making screen time much more productive for kids while cultivating a love of reading and learning.  Bookful is the world’s most extensive 3D/AR library with titles from leading publishers and brands such as; The Tale of Peter Rabbit, DK’s Encyclopedia, and children’s favorites; My Little Pony, Transformers and The Smurfs.

Beyond the AR library, all stories include in-app games to provide readers with a magically interactive user experience. Learning does not stop when the story completes – readers are engaged beyond the text of these books, likewise for the arsenal of books in the AR Bookful library. A spelling game allows the reader to spell words from the book, and users can answer quiz questions related to the book, paint, and dance with their favorite characters.

Bookful has its own B2C app on the apple and google play stores as well as customized apps in partnerships with world-leading telcos, both as a response to covid-19 as well as providing exciting, innovative 5G content for B2B2C telcos looking to expand their 5G offering.

Benny Arbel, CEO, and founder of Inception: “We are glad to be a part of this fantastic initiative and are honored we have a product that gives real value to children in these difficult times of uncertainty.”


Verizon customers can visit verizon.com and follow instructions to access Bookful.

To download Bookful from the store click here.

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