Powered by RTL Group | August 2018

A summer ratings high!

Week in, week out, RTL Television’s reality format Das Sommerhaus der Stars – Kampf der Promipaare (The Summer House Of The Stars – Celebrity Showdown) has generated a real buzz in Germany. Just before the format’s big final Backstage spoke to Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director Programming at RTL Television, and the show’s editorial duo, Jasmin Peitl and Rüdiger Hennecke, about the reasons for such success.

Getting very hot under the collar playing games in the summer sunshine! RTL Television started airing the third season of the reality format early in July. Week after week, celebrity couples vie with each other, trying to edge closer to winning the show’s €50,000 prize. But ultimately there can only be one winner to be announced on 13 August 2018, so backbiting and clashes are inevitable, making for top prime-time entertainment.

Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director Programming at RTL Television, believes that the show’s real setting is one of the main reasons why candidates behave so emotionally.

Another key factor in keeping the temperature high, he believes, is the constant spotlight on the relations between each contesting couple, including in the games.

“The psychological pressure on the couples mounts with each episode, so even the most carefully devised strategy eventually succumbs to nerves. The battle within the group and fighting between the couples becomes ever fiercer and more personal, especially when they reach the final, with a €50,000 prize at stake.”

In addition, Hoffmann stresses that, together with the show’s production company, Seapoint, RTL Television has succeeded in giving the form at its own, unmistakable signature.

“Das Sommerhaus der Stars is perfectly in line with our strategy of relying on formats over which we have creative influence, which enables us to tailor them optimally to our needs and to what their viewers want.”

One key further point, according to the show’s editors, Jasmin Peitl and Rüdiger Hennecke is that having cameras film the contestants around the clock over a protracted period is unusual and can end up triggering strong emotional responses.

#Sommerhaus is also one of the most popular formats discussed on social networks. Here are some of the tweets that have been posted:

The previous five episodes of Das Sommerhaus gained an average audience share of 14 per cent among 14- to 59-year-olds. On average 2.6 million total viewers tuned in. To find out which celebrity couple wins the big final and takes home €50,000, viewers will have to watch RTL Television at 20:15 on 13 August 2018.