Powered by RTL Group | October 2018

Actionable Insights for the Total Video Age


Daniel Bischoff, Marketing Director, RTL AdConnect

2018 is the year of “regulated chaos”, as one of our authors describes it. Advertisers, Agencies, and our whole industry need orientation and guidance more than ever. Since 25 years the TV Key Facts is aiming to answer this call for orientation and guidance in the video world – with facts, figures and real insights from expert authors. 

This year in particular our contributors shine a light on complex matters like GDPR, brand safety and Total Video measurement giving clear orientation and sharing their insights to navigate through these pressing topics. In addition we take a close look at the industry investments trends, seeing clearly both through IAB and IHS pieces that video is conquering the world with the highest growth rates. And lastly we re-embrace Television as the most important driver for marketing spends profitability in a great article from Thinkbox. Looking at this year’s insight trends, I couldn’t agree more with Daniel Knapp from IHS, when he is writing, “change will only continue to gather pace”. To me that translates into: another great and exciting 25 years ahead for the TV Key Facts to continue to give orientation and guidance to the industry in an ever changing video world.