Ad Alliance and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland launch ‘Click and Collect’ campaign

February 10, 2021

In the spirit of the nationwide #GemeinsamgegenCorona (#TogetherwithCorona) movement, the German Ad Alliance and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland have launched their initiative with the slogan ‘Click and Collect’. A dedicated 30-second advertising spot and a campaign symbol for ad formats, both developed in-house, seek to support brick and mortar stores throughout Germany by promoting their click and collect services where customers buy online and pick-up in store whilst abiding by social distancing measures.

The totality of Ad Alliance’s media portfolio, including all of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s TV and digital offerings, RTL Radio Deutschland, Audio Now and Gruner + Jahr’s Brigitte, Stern and Gala, will take part by displaying the campaign slogan and using the hashtag #supportyourlocals.

The campaign slogan, used on TV, ATV, digital and in print, can be used by advertising partners who offer click and collect slogans to promote their own inventory without a license. Various other companies of the Bertelsmann Content Alliance are also adopting the initiative in their locations.

The Ad Alliance and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland have once again, through this campaign, highlighted the powerful role of Total Video as a driver for good. TV is, as it has been since the start of the pandemic, uniting us in the face of adversity.

(Source: BENET)

“Whether TV, print or online, with our Ad Alliance portfolio we reach more than 99% of the population, and we must fully utilise this. “

© Frank Vogel, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Ad Alliance

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