Ad Alliance wins Silver and Bronze Awards

November 14, 2019

11/14/2019, Cologne

Silver and bronze for the German Ad Alliance: at the presentation of this year’s “Native Advertising Awards” on Wednesday in Berlin, the German Ad Alliance won awards for two campaigns implemented by G+J EMS.

As part of the “Native Advertising Days 2019”, this year’s winners of the “Native Advertising Awards” were honored on Wednesday in Berlin in a total of 35 categories. Advertising campaigns of the German Ad Alliance won silver and bronze. The international “Native Advertising Awards” of the Native Advertising Institute have been awarding the best native advertising worldwide for four years. Native advertising refers to advertising on the Internet and in print media designed in the same style as editorial contributions.

“Great confirmation of our native competence” 

The Ad Alliance had made it onto the shortlist with two campaigns implemented by G+J EMS: together with Thalia, the leading retail bookseller in the German speaking region, it won silver in the category “Best Use of Podcast”, and with the cross-media native solution for Europe’s largest photo service provider Cewe it won bronze in the “Best Native Advertising User Activation Campaign” category. “We are very pleased to be among the Top Three native players with two campaigns in the appropriate categories,” said Frank Vogel, Spokesman of the Board of G+J EMS. “This is great confirmation of our native competence and emphasizes our versatility in the development and implementation of custom-tailored communication solutions. At the same time, we consider these awards and incentive to continue developing innovative and path-breaking native products with the Ad Alliance – because in an increasingly volatile communication world, native advertising has become an indispensable tool for brands for winning the attention of consumers.” 

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