Alfa Romeo books first programmatic addressable TV campaign in Germany

October 14, 2020

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has become the first Italian advertiser to book an international programmatic addressable TV (ATV) campaign in Germany. We ran the campaign for the Alfa Romeo brand in conjunction with FCA Programmatic HUB, the dedicated Italian team of Publicis Media that manages FCA programmatic campaigns across the EMEA markets.

d-force, a joint venture between Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and ProSiebenSat.1, was set up to tap into new potential for strategic, structural and operational efficiency in programmatic video advertising in Germany. Alfa Romeo has now become the first Italian advertiser to harness this expertise. Programmatic addressable advertising is part of the car manufacturer’s media strategy, giving it centralised, easy and direct access to campaign management. The customer-targeting possibilities of ATV campaigns are also proving attractive.

The advertising form used in the campaign users could click through to an Alfa Romeo display. The video was played in the ATV portfolio of both major broadcasting groups, ProSiebenSat.1 and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. Publicis Media Italy were excited about the potential for managing campaigns in new ways and wanted to dip a toe in and begin to explore the possibilities that arise from new channels like ATV. But exactly how to bring all the relevant parties together to make it happen was not obvious for them at first. As such, our role, since we knew who we needed to speak to and how to simplify the process, was to fulfil this ambition. Now the Programmatic HUB is expanding this strategy to new markets for FCA, refining it with their learnings.

© Mobile Marketing

“It feels like the beginning of a new era.”

© Cristina Ughes, Digital Lead Publicis Media Italy

Brands want to buy addressable TV campaigns programmatically so that they can access publishers’ inventory through a single partner with minimum hassle. Ironically, this can prove very complicated in reality. For Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, we were able to act as the interface between the publisher and the technology provider and make the campaign a reality. This otherwise complex undertaking became easy and efficient thanks to the involvement of d-force, whose service makes campaign management simple.

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