Powered by RTL Group | November 2018

All is not lost!

On 15 November 2018 W9 is launching its new programme-event Perdus au milieu de nulle part (Lost in the middle of nowhere).
This programme will see two leading personalities embark on an incredible experience. They have no idea which country they are going to or who they will be sharing this adventure with. And they will be abandoned in a country they don’t know, thousands of kilometres from France.

Issa Doumbia and Jean-Pascal Lacoste will be the first two to attempt this unforgettable experience. The rules are easy: to return to France, they will have to find the person who has their return ticket. And to help them, they have only one clue: a photo. With no money, phone or GPS, Jean-Pascal and Issa will have to earn the trust of the locals in order to locate Riccardo, the man in the photo. And for food and accommodation, they will have to rely on the hospitality of the Panamanians. But lost in the heart of Central America, their only option is to go beyond their own limits.