Almost Human by Lisha Li

January 12, 2021

Against the backdrop of the controversies that AI presents, Lisha Li, the founder of Rosebud AI, explains how the company uses AI to the benefit of the media landscape as part of 2020’s TV Key Facts Study.

Rosebud AI is a synthetic media company that creates CGI models that are indistinguishable from human beings. These figures are based off a massive library of photos and videos that are called Generative Photos and speak thanks to a special software. Not only are they lifelike, they can also be dressed how the client desires by using mannequins and Rosebud AI’s tool, Tokking Heads. Originally, the company created unique faces for their clients, however, it has begun modelling their faces on famous personalities to align with clients’ regular brand image.

As well as being a cost-efficient option for content producers, Rosebud AI’s technologies allowed content production to continue remotely amidst global stay-at-home orders. This made Rosebud AI highly in demand for both brand advertisement and entertainment, especially for those with a large online presence. Their creations include the faces for online text chat bots.

Despite their dependence on AI, Lisha admits that more regulation is needed to battle the negative side of deep fakes, but that it is tricky to do. The attaching of a source to an image remains a primary concern.

If you’d like to read more, discover the full article on the TV Key Facts website.

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