Are You The One?

April 15, 2020

04/08/2020, Germany, TV NOW

Who will find their perfect match in the new love reality show, Are You The One?

In the new love reality show Are You the One?, hosted by Jan Köppen (Ninja Warrior Germany), ten single men and women from all over Germany come to breath-taking South Africa to meet their perfect match – hand-picked for them by experts!

But in the game of love, a bit of skill is needed too: the participants themselves must find out who is supposed to go with whom, and come up with a strategy to make this happen. And it is not until each person has found their partner that they can jointly collect their €200,000 prize.

“The key is to work as a team, but at the same time, not neglect the heart. So, both the heart and mind need to be in action, when sometimes, they don’t go together so well”, self-appointed Love Steward Jan Köppen reveals.

In a villa far away in South Africa, the singles can win dream dates by taking part in challenges, also designed to bring them closer together. Every touch, glance and kiss can help the singles recognise their perfect match on the carousel of love. At the end of each double-episode, the singles choose their ten perfect couples, during Matching Night. Only afterwards do they find out if their picks were right. There’s a glitch, though: they are told only the number of correct matches found, not which couples are the right ones. What’s more, only one couple is allowed to enter the Match Box. There, it is revealed whether the two really are a perfect match, or barking up the wrong tree, deceived by hearts all too ready to beat faster, even when they haven’t found their other half.

The new love reality show, Are You The One? can be watched on Tuesdays in double-episodes on TV Now, since 14 April 2020.

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