Powered by RTL Group | April 2017

As good as gold

Groupe M6 is continuing to develop its content creation for millennials with Golden Network, the first digital studio dedicated exclusively to this generation. At the same time, Golden Network is embarking on a major partnership with StyleHaul.

Under the leadership of Adrien Labastire, Golden Network brings together all of Groupe M6’s multi-channel networks (MCNs). Labastire will report to Thomas Valentin, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board with responsibility for Programming and Content.

Thomas Valentin (left) and Adrien Labastire ©Ade Adjou/Lou Breton/M6

Golden Network’s creation sends out a powerful message by Groupe M6, confirming and strengthening its affinity with young target groups. By steadily increasing its audience and making its digital channels more widely known, Golden Network is turning the digital ecosystem on its head and positioning itself as one of the most attractive French producers, generating more than 57 million views per month (source Tubular – February 2017).

With six powerful brands (Golden Moustache, Rose Carpet, Vloggist, Multiprise, Cover Garden and Dot Move), talented social influencers and a strongly engaged audience, Golden Network can create highly appealing communities and cover the entire millennial spectrum (humour, lifestyle, entertainment, music and dance). All of Golden Network’s teams share a new 1,200 m² production studio in the heart of Paris.


A major partnership with StyleHaul

Golden Network has now announced that it is teaming up with StyleHaul. Through this global partnership, Golden Network and StyleHaul will collaborate closely to offer French advertisers premium, brand-safe digital exposure. The two networks will thus be able to pool their assets and know-how – writing and production skills, animation of communities and international or French brand ambassadors – for brand content operations.

Fresh talents, new channels and inroads into new territory

Golden Network is strengthening its leadership in the humour* and ‘beautytainment’* segments by taking three bold steps:

  • The network will be joined by Horia, YouTube’s latest beauty phenomenon, who has more than1.6 million subscribers on that platform and 1.1 million on Instagram. Sophie Riche, a regular guest of the Rose Carpet collective, will also join Golden Network.
  • Comedy is not being ignored either, thanks to the launch of Multiprise, an electrifying, quirky new comedy channel showcasing three young performers: Anis Aaram, Freddy Gladieux and Aurélien Prévaut.

Freddy Gladieux, Aurélien Prévault and Anis Aaram from Multiprise

  • Vloggist, the lifestyle channel targeting women aged over 25, will be back for a second season, featuring a new team of girls: Safia Vendôme, Caroline from WhatTheTruck and Margot from YouMakeFashion.

Safia Vendôme, Caroline from WhatTheTruck and Margot from YouMakeFashion

Drawing on its production know-how, Golden Network will also make inroads into new territory by starting to produce programmes for television channels and broadcasting platforms. As a result, these offerings that will soon be available to TV viewers:

  • Golden Moustache fait son cinéma for Comédie+, a parody sketch show for the Cannes Film Festival;
  • Allons Enfants, portrait d’une jeunesse qui se bouge for France 4, a documentary showing French youth in a positive light.

A made-to-measure commercial offering

The network’s offering will be marketed by M6 Publicité, which will offer advertisers cross-media exposure covering TV and digital adverts, social media and brand content. The network’s creativity has been acknowledged and won several awards associated with Break the Internet for the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, Hair Force 14 and Brice 3 – le Faux Leak.

Building on Golden Network’s expertise, M6 Publicité is launching a think tank dedicated to millennials, dubbed Le Golden Club. This unmissable new get-together will include sessions on different topics and be aimed at marketing people intent on deciphering what makes this particular generation tick.

Aurélien Prévaut, Anis Aaram and Freddy Gladieux