Atresmedia acquires influencer marketing agency H2H

September 15, 2020

Spain, Atresmedia Group

At the beginning of September, Atresmedia Group, part of RTL Group, acquired Spain’s leading marketing agency, H2H. By doing so, the Group has access to a completely different field of media that will prove vital in its strategic expansion in the advertising market. The different formats and products that come with this expansion provide unparalleled transmedia campaign possibilities in a Spain and blur the traditional boundaries between different types of media.

H2H, which stands for Human to Human, has more than 50 national and international companies as clients from multiple industries and has created around 5000 interactions between them and their network of influencers. These overwhelming numbers have earned H2H multiple awards over the years, including the Premio Efícacia in 2018, which gives awards to those purely based on the efficiency of their communication’s results, whether it be notoriety, sales or any other types of rentability.

Luis Díaz, Director General of H2H, has lauded the “privileged position” that the Atresmedia Group has in the industry and has shown his desire to broaden H2H’s scope by offering their clients transmedia campaigns that would not have been possible before the merger.

(Source: BENET)

“This allows us to complete our offer, which is unparalleled in the advertising market in our country. “

© José Miguel García Gasco, Director General of Atresmedia Publicidad

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