Powered by RTL Group | August 2017

Become a Ninja warrior!

A second season of the action-packed TV show Ninja Warrior Germany, which will start airing on RTL Television at 20:15 on 12 August 2017, will be accompanied by a number of special ads and the launch of a virtual reality (VR) game.

Bahlsen and its Pick Up! brand will feature prominently. A number of individual sponsoring ads being produced will be designed to grab maximum attention throughout the entire TV event in a highly entertaining manner. In the ads, as the contest goes on, an animated Pick Up! biscuit bar will also fight its way through to the end of the course.

“Bahlsen is known to be fond of trying things that are bold and new, and here once again its innovative storytelling sponsoring approach underlines just how much fun advertising can be,” says Lars-Eric Mann, Sales Director Solutions at IP Deutschland. “The Pick Up! brand blends perfectly into the setting of the epic challenge and should be a real hit with viewers.”

In the opener, the Pick Up! figure performs a personal warm-up, limbering up for the challenges ahead. The reminder then cover all the capabilities the participants need at various stages of the course – jumping ability, versatility and strength of will. The closer focusses on how to get to the end of the challenge and cross the finish line.

To complement its trailer sponsoring for the campaign, Bahlsen has also booked pre-roll ads on TV Now and RTL.de, as well as being represented by header branding and having a multiscreen billboard in der Ninja Warrior Germany section on the RTL.de website.

Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland makes a Ninja Warrior Germany VR experience

Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland has created and produced a VR game for Ninja Warrior Germany, making a virtual experience based on the hit format. Using an app, named “Ninja Warrior Germany – the 360° VR game & videos for the TV show,” viewers can turn themselves into Ninja warriors themselves and negotiate four of the original obstacles from the format, showing what they are capable of. The first obstacle is the Quintuple Jump; the next is Hand-over-Hand Rings, which is followed by the Balance Bridges and finally the Chimney, which is more than 7 metres high. Another highlight of the app is a virtual video lounge, where users can watch highlights of the show being aired and exclusive 360° videos of the contestants’ runs.

Yet another key feature of the app is the training course, for which Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s advertising sales house IP Deutschland secured an advertising partnership with McDonald’s Germany. In it, users can prepare themselves for the challenges they will face in the course of the contest, practise negotiating obstacles, learn various skills and collect virtual hamburgers.

As of 12 August 2017, the free app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Oculus Store (for Samsung Gear VR). Any smartphone user, with or without a VR headset, can immerse themselves in the virtual world of Ninja Warrior Germany. The game will be fully controlled by the user’s eyes, or ‘gaze point,’ which is displayed in the centre of the screen, helping users set themselves up for and overcome individual obstacles.