Bertelsmann Content Alliance launches trustworthy journalism initiative

January 28, 2021

Under the slogan “Jahr zur Wahrheit. Weil’s stimmen muss” (Year of the Truth. Because it has to be right), the German Bertelsmann Content Alliance has launched its high-quality journalism initiative. Through dedicated cover stories, live shows, TV documentaries, podcasts, books and events, the Alliance aims to show the contribution that high-quality, trustworthy journalism makes to the success of a society and to highlight the importance of truth. The initiative is set to last throughout 2021.

“The truth is not always comfortable and can also be painful. However, we consider it our duty to shed light on both sides of the coin.”

© Stephan Schäfer, Managing Director Content & Brands Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

The increasingly commonplace fake news stories, particularly present on social media, have sharpened traditional media’s role in producing relaying reliable content. This leaves the Bertelsmann Content Alliance, which reaches 99% of the German population, in the perfect position to spearhead the high-quality journalism initiative. (Source BENET)

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