Powered by RTL Group | October 2018

Bring Simplification to a Complex Media World


Anna-Maria Vujinovic, Director of Digital Sales & Business Development, RTL AdConnect

Tapping into the thriving digital world, the broadcast industry works every day on solutions towards simplification, globalisation and centralisation in the market.

FAANGs players and the change in media consumption habits have pushed the broadcast industry to adapt and find new ways to meet advertisers’ higher expectations, especially for targeting and granularity in performance metrics. While adtech players are working on making the total video world a safer, easier-to-buy and more transparent place for advertisers, TV is in constant evolution as a technology platform. Innovations in TV advertising are flourishing every day: AR, VR, branded content, addressable TV, and programmatic buying. There’s a definite shift in the way consumers are watching content. With the convergence of digital and TV, we’re seeing more cross-screen, interactive, personalised and immersive advertising experiences, designed for a better customer experience. In many cases, the ‘TV set’ is still the place to watch premium content. But now, there’s a new set of rules to play by, with the merge of digital and traditional TV. In redefining these rules together, we need to broaden our scope for the best market solutions.