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Catch Santa

29.11.2019, France, M6 Publicité

M6 Publicité teams up with Socialyse Paris for the advertising spin-off of the Orange campaign #AttrapezNoël (#CatchSanta) with Stéphane Plaza.

On 14 November 2019, at half-time during the UEFA football match between France and Moldova, Orange launched its new TV campaign #AttrapezNoël (#CatchSanta) on M6. The aim is to promote its “Connected Home” automation service to French families. The advert features a group of very clever children, who really want to catch Santa Claus. They are assisted by Orange Connected Home technology on the adventure.

M6 Publicité and Socialyse Paris have created a new, three-phase solution for Orange, which involves a wide range of media levers, the production of TV adverts and digital content, the support of Groupe M6 personality Stéphane Plaza (French people’s favourite presenter), and M6’s and 6play’s broadcasting power among young people and families.

On 26 November:

A 50-second-long TV advert was aired exclusively in M6’s contextualised prime space during the La France a un Incroyable Talent (France’s Got Talent) break. It features Stéphane Plaza and the group of children devising their strategy and discovering the Orange connected objects that will help them #AttrapezNoël (#CatchSanta).

Produced by M6 Unlimited, the TV advert invites viewers to take part for the chance to win a connected objects system for their home (between 26 November and 4 December 2019).

From 27 November to 18 December:

Airing of three adaptations of the TV advert on M6 in a 20 second format. Each variation sees Stéphane Plaza and the children focus on a connected object (a detector, bulb and camera) and invites viewers to take part in a competition on 6play. An avatar of France’s most famous estate agent guides Internet users through a quiz to win Orange freebies (between 5 December and 23 December 2019).

6play has a section dedicated to #AttrapezNoël (#CatchSanta). Here viewers will find the competition, the adventures of Stéphane Plaza, as well as new content. M6’s leading presenter appears in three short features online where he tests each connected object in person. M6 Unlimited has also come up with ‘snackable’ content to reinforce the virality and launch of the solution on M6, 6play and Orange social networks.

On 23 December:

Two teaser adverts aired on M6, informing viewers of when to watch the reveal advert when Stéphane Plaza surprises the winner at his or her home and transforms it into a Connected Home with Orange for Christmas.