Customers Love Special Advertising Formats On ‘Jungle Show’

January 10, 2020

Cologne, 01/10/2020

The new season of RTL’s wildly popular show “Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!” (“I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!”) begins tonight. And while its twelve candidates compete for the “Jungle Crown,” advertisers – with the help of Ad Alliance – will present their products in unusual special advertising formats, some of them brand-new.

When RTL’s popular show “Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!” starts again this evening, viewers aren’t the only ones who will be excited to watch as events unfold in the Australian bush. An exciting two weeks also begins for advertising customers, during which they will be presenting their products in an innovative way and an attractive setting with the help of Ad Alliance. For example, the confectionery manufacturer Hosta, which makes its advertising debut in the “jungle show.” The Ad Alliance concept for Hosta includes two special advertising formats created especially for the customer: the “Animated-Icon-To-Cut-In” and the “Phone Voting Switch.” The company thus joins other advertising partners who are also present with various special advertising formats in “Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!”.

When the battle for the “jungle crown” begins for the twelve candidates at 9.15 pm, Hosta will be entering two of its own “celebrities” in the race: “Mr. Tom” and “Nippon.” The Animated-Icon-To-Cut-In format, which will be used on TV for the first time, was specially developed to spotlight these two chocolate candy-bar classics. Here’s how it works: Over the course of the TV season, this special advertising format will be used with three different motifs – for example, when the two hosts Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich move into the jungle and provide their usual snarky commentary on the competition for the coveted trophies. One of these trophies triggers for the TV commercial, which starts with a star and some jungle leaves falling from the top of the screen. The star stops at the bottom of the screen, rotates and brings up the ad, which unveils the two chocolate products with their message “I’m A Celebrity – Tear Into Me!”.

Another special format, the “Phone Voting Switch,” also celebrates its premiere on this season of the “Jungle Show”: Whenever viewers are called upon to actively intervene in the events via telephone voting, “Mr. Tom” and “Nippon” are also present. On screen, viewers initially see the usual panel with the campers’ phone numbers, which after a few seconds turns into an individually designed advertising banner in the advertiser’s design. Here, too, the ad is preceded by a flood of stars that serve to set it off from the TV show. The ad package is rounded off with ads tying in to the current jungle camp plot; viewers are already familiar with this format and surveys show that they view it positively. This close connection between brand and format is made possible through close coordination between the local editorial team, the RTL broadcasting center in Cologne, and the advertising customer.

Andreas Kösling, Director Sales at Ad Alliance, explains why the “jungle” is so fascinating for advertising customers: “The show emotionalizes viewers and advertisers alike. Everyone wants to be ‘there’ according to their possibilities: Viewers as ‘executioners’, advertisers as additional protagonists thanks to the integration [of their products and messages]. This is ensured by our Creative Unit Solutions, which is constantly developing new creative forms of advertising that harmoniously combine brands with the format, both visually and in terms of content, as will be demonstrated again this season. Jungle time is live time, is team work, is talk-of-the-town, is vast reach combined with a smart sense of humor.

Laura Opferkuch, Managing Director at the Hosta Group, adds: “Our brand is both traditional and modern. We now need to underscore this with a stronger presence in the market. Our focus is primarily on younger consumers, which is why are very careful about choosing the channels and environments to match our communication strategy and our image. Modern, sassy and edgy is the motto.” Which is why there’s no getting around the “jungle”. “The Ad Alliance’s special-ads concept is exactly what we’ve been looking for, and we’re very excited about the fact that we’re about to get started.”

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