‘Doctor Thorne’ will air on RTL+

January 13, 2022

The British miniseries “Doctor Thorne” written by the author of Downton Abbey will be available on RTL+ from the 1st of February. The show aired on itv in March 2016, but compared to Downton Abbey, the show was not much of a success, receiving only 4.5 million TV viewers.  

The four-part miniseries is based on the 1858 novel “Doctor Thorne” written by Anthony Trollope. Similar themes of the British class hierarchy that made Downton Abbey so popular are integrated in this series, which follows the romantic entanglements of a lower-class girl with a wealthy heir. Set in the quaint village of Greshamsbury the show is the perfect balance of romance, drama and history.  

Actor Tom Hollander will play the main role alongside other cast members including Stefanie Martini, Harry Richardson, and Rebecca Front

Watch the series on RTL+ here.

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