Powered by RTL Group | January 2019

A family betrayal

From 6 January 2019, viewers in the Netherlands can catch drama series Judas, which can be seen on Videoland and weekly on RTL 4. Judas is directed by Joram Lürsen and produced by RTL Productions.

During her youth in Amsterdam Astrid realises that she is clearly different from her popular brother and sister; she is smart and tries to develop at a young age in order to get rid of her violent father. Every time she seems to succeed, she is again swallowed up by her family, especially by her criminal brother Willem ‘Wim’ Holleeder. In the series, Astrid works towards the moment when she definitively betrays her brother to justice.

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Flashbacks make it clear the kind of childhood she and her brother have struggled with and how painful, but necessary, her betrayal is.