Powered by RTL Group | April 2017

Enjoy without moderation

This Monday, M6 launched Toque Show, the first culinary talk show, presented by Norbert Tarayre. Broadcast during the week at 11:45, the launch episode drew more than 85 per cent of the time slot average.

Renowned chef Norbert Tarayre has brought together a team of four talented and passionate chefs – Nathalie Nguyen, Georgiana Viou, Jacky Ribault and Frédéric Charlet – ready to decode cooking and make your lives simpler through culinary challenges of every kind!

Georgiana Viou, Norbert Tarayre, Nathalie Nguyen, Jacky Ribault and Frédéric Charlet © Marie ETCHEGOYEN/M6

The show revolves around two challenges, sent in by the public and selected by Norbert beforehand, and one game, with public participation, introducing you to rare and surprising products. Once selected, Norbert chooses the chef he wants to take on the challenge and the chef prepares the dish carefully before the broadcast. Live on the set, the chef presents the dish created and explains the recipe, giving tips and advice to show you that cooking is simple! Each challenge takes place in the presence of the challenge-setter, who then tastes the dish and gives their verdict.

How can you enhance your daily meals? Produce outstanding dishes? Show creativity while making your life simpler? The vivid imaginations of the chefs will satisfy and surprise you!