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Family Fiction

19.10.2018, Germany, Vox
This week saw shooting begin on Vox’s third fiction series Wann sind wir da (When Will We Get There).
This latest fiction project is being realised by Bantry Bay Productions on behalf of Vox and filming is due to continue in and around Bonn until March 2019. The finished series is scheduled to air in 2019.
The lead roles are played by Jürgen Vogel, known from Wo ist Fred? (Where Is Fred?) and Die Welle (The Wave) and Bettina Lamprecht, star of Bettys Diagnose (Betty’s Diagnosis) and Pastewka), who play the couple Sandra and Kurt Fankhauser. The roles of their three children are played by Sidney Holtfreter as Philipp, Bianca Nawrath as Luna and David Grüttner as Theo. As a family, the five main characters in Wann sind wir da (When Will We Get There) face the major and minor ups and downs of everyday life.

Hauke Bartel © MG RTL D/Marina Weigl
Wann sind wir da will be our third in-house fiction series, but it will be our first series not basedon a previous international production. We at Vox were immediately won over by the script, because it delivers exactly what we were looking for: strong characters experiencing a special, emotional story. By making this story now with the same production company that was responsible for Club der roten Bänder (The Red Bracelets) and casting top-quality actors, the positive feelings we already had when reading the script have been more than confirmed in our ongoing collaboration on the project,” says Hauke ​​Bartel, Head of Fiction at Vox, about the production of his channel’s latest series.
Wann sind wir da is all about people going through a particularly challenging phase in their life as a family.
Sandra and Kurt Fankhauser are experiencing turbulent times with their three children Philipp, Luna and Theo. The smallest, Theo, is about to start school, but abruptly stops speaking altogether. Luna is in the throes of puberty and in love for the first time, while the eldest of the three siblings, the family’s adopted son Philipp, is said to have a great basketball career ahead of him. Yet, Philipp’s own dream is very different: he’d rather become a professional ballet dancer.
Other roles are played by Beatrice Richter (Sketchup) as grandmother Christel, Walter Kreye, known from Der Alte (The Old Fox) as grandpa Hans; Nadja Becker, familiar from Danni Lowinski, as aunt Nina; Denis Schmidt from Dark as uncle Stefan and Aleksandar Jovanovic from You Are Wanted as dance teacher Dinko.
The creator and creative producer of Wann sind wir da is Richard Kropf (4 BlocksYou Are WantedDer letzte Bulle  (The Last Cop)), and its executive producer is Lasse Scharpen (Soko PotsdamBlind & Hässlich (Ugly & Blind)). The scripts for the 10 episodes of the new Vox family series were written by Richard Kropf, Elena Senft (Der Lehrer (The Teacher)) and Anneke Janssen (Labaule & Erben (Labaule & Heirs)). The first four episodes are being directed by Till Franzen (Weinberg (The Valley)). The remaining episodes will be directed by Laura Lackmann (Mängelexemplar (Too Hard To Handle)) and Stefan Bühling (Familie Dr. Kleist (Circle of Life).
Banner: from left: Bianca Nawrath, Sidney Holtfreter, David Grüttner, Bettina Lamprecht, Jürgen Vogel, Beatrice Richter and Walter Kreye © MG RTL D / Martin Rottenkolber