Powered by RTL Group | January 2019

Forging strong alliances

On 29 January 2019, Bertelsmann announced the launch of Bertelsmann Content Alliance in Germany.
The Bertelsmann Content Alliance will manage the collaboration between the German content businesses namely, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, RTL Radio Deutschland, UFA, Random House, Gruner + Jahr, and the music company BMG. Starting on 1 February 2019, the Bertelsmann Content Alliance will create considerable added value and a competitive advantage and it will be comprised of: Julia Jäkel, Bernd Reichart, Nico Hofmann, Stephan Schmitter, Thomas Rathnow, Stephan Schäfer, Hartwig Masuch und Dominique Kulling.
Bertelsmann’s objective is to develop and market collaborative formats across all divisions and thus create comprehensive offers for creative professionals.
From left to right: Back: Stephan Sieprath, Stephan Schmitter, Nico Hofmann, Stephan Schäfer, Thomas Rathnow, Front: Immanuel Hermreck, Bernd Reichart, Dominique Kulling, Hartwig Masuch, Julia Jäkel, Thomas Rabe

Bertelsmann’s new Content Alliance in Germany is to follow the lead of the successful work done by the Ad Alliance: Since 2017, the Ad Alliance has pooled the expertise of strong marketers such as IP Deutschland and G+J eMS for advertising customers and media agencies, and has been very well received in the market.
Julia Jäkel, who will remain CEO of Gruner + Jahr in addition to this new role, will chair the board of the Bertelsmann Content Alliance. The committee also includes all Managing Directors of Bertelsmann’s German content businesses: Bernd Reichart (Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland), Nico Hofmann (UFA), Stephan Schmitter (RTL Radio Deutschland), Thomas Rathnow (Verlagsgruppe Random House), Stephan Schäfer (Gruner + Jahr), as well as Hartwig Masuch and Dominique Kulling (both BMG). The entrepreneurial independence of the respective businesses, as well as their journalistic and publishing independence, remain unaffected by the Bertelsmann Content Alliance.

Thomas Rabe, Chairman & CEO of Bertelsmann, says: “Bertelsmann is a creative powerhouse and will be investing close to €6 billion in creative content worldwide this year. The Bertelsmann Content Alliance in Germany will pool our group’s content expertise in order to fully exploit the potential of our most important market. With content offerings across all media genres and new marketing opportunities, Bertelsmann will become an even stronger partner of choice for all creative professionals in Germany. This step also strengthens our position in the competition with the US technology platforms. I am delighted that Julia Jäkel will lead the Bertelsmann Content Alliance in addition to her role as CEO of Gruner + Jahr. Julia combines creativity and entrepreneurship and, together with her fellow board members, will lend additional momentum to Bertelsmann’s content businesses.”

Thomas Rabe, © Bertelsmann Co xnewsletter

The Vox TV series Der Club der roten Bänder, for example, is based on a book by the author Albert Espinosa that was published in Germany by Verlagsgruppe Random House. The UFA/Fremantle production Munich is based on a novel by Robert Harris, which is also published by Verlagsgruppe Random House. Gruner + Jahr published a start-up magazine to accompany the season opener of the Vox show Die Höhle der Löwen (Shark Tank). And just a few days ago, Gruner + Jahr and BMG announced their joint launch of a fan magazine about the musician Max Giesinger.