Fremantle to use Albert carbon calculator globally

January 28, 2021

Fremantle is set to become the first production company to use the Albert carbon calculator, an online tool that allows TV broadcasters and production companies to calculate their emissions of climate-damaging gases and that gives advice on how to reduce them, globally. Originally created in 2011, the tool was first adopted by Fremantle UK in 2019, however, the revised version will be used by the production house globally from this year.

13.5 tons of carbon dioxide for one hour of TV programming

13.5 tons of CO2 are emitted for one hour of programming, which is the equivalent of the annual gas and electricity emissions for three private households. The industry has to be made aware of its lasting impact on the environment, which is why the calculator’s aim is to increase global transparency on the issue.

“We are proud to be the first company to invest in Albert on a global scale and help to develop their calculator into a tool that the entire industry can use.”

© Jennifer Mullin, Global CEO, ‎Fremantle

Once companies are compliant with the internationally recognised standards, they receive a logo certifying their efforts to the outside world.

(Source BENET)

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