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From Paris to the countryside

On 13 June 2018 at 21:00, M6 premieres a French version of Sweden’s top comedy series Qu’est-ce qu’on attend pour être heureux? (What Are We Waiting For To Be Happy?)

The series follows the lives of two couples living in the countryside. Anna and Romain Corneaux move from Paris to the small village of Joilleux, where the husband grew up. Anna is very pregnant and is leaving the big city for the first time in her life. Romain is returning to his childhood home but fails to tell her about one essential ‘remnant’ from that time: his mother. In Joilleux, Romain is reunited with his childhood friend, Fred Maurin, who has never left the village. Fred is an estate agent but doesn’t work too much. He is married to Séverinne, a housewife and mother with a passion for shopping.

Qu’est ce qu’on attend pour être heureux? Crédit: Emilie de la Hosseraye

The series is inspired by a real trend in France. According to surveys, 50 per cent of French people would like to live in the countryside, but 30 percent would also prefer to live within reasonable reach of a big or medium-sized city.

M6 produced the comedy as a series of six 52-minute episodes, which will air in primetime on Wednesdays at 21:00. Qu’est-ce qu’on attend pour être heureux? is the French adaptation of the original Swedish series Solsidan. It became the most-watched TV comedy of all time on the Swedish channel TV4 and generated the best Swedish TV ratings in ten years. At the Swedish Kristallen Awards the show won Best Swedish Comedy and Best TV Programme. Five seasons have already aired in Sweden, and the series is also a success in other Scandinavian countries.

Qu’est-ce qu’on attend pour être heureux? stars Lorànt Deutsch, Magali Miniac, Mathias Mlekuz and Sébastien Castro. It also features the former French footballer and national team coach Raymond Domenech and actors Camille Japy, Julien Bosselier, François Morel and Emile Caen.

Qu’est ce qu’on attend pour être heureux? Cast Crédit: Emilie de la Hosseraye