German Ad Alliance reaches 23 million people

February 3, 2021

In the recent ‘MA Pressemedien 2021’ reach analysis, carried out by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse e. V. (AGMA), it came to light that the German Ad Alliance’s offering reaches 23.07 million readers, representing an increase of almost one million readers from the last survey. This means that 32.7% of people aged 14 and older in Germany read some of the Alliance’s magazine portfolio.

In a year where the world has awaited every news alert with bated breath, the current affairs offerings, “Der Spiegal” and Gruner + Jahr’s (G+J) “Stern”, had 5.15 and 4.95 million readers respectively. Equally, as we were forced to stay at home, TV consumption skyrocketed; it should therefore not be surprising that the TV guide segment “rtv” had 4.07 million readers.

Throughout the year, business magazines obtained significant interest, G+J’s two offerings, “Capital” and “Manager Magazin”, maintained high readership with 670,000 and 590,000 respectively. 2020’s cooking craze is also reflected in readership levels, G+J’s readership of “Chefkoch” was up 33% to exactly one million whilst “Essen & Trinken” was up 7% to 1.26 million readers.

Every other category also achieved gains. G+J’s “Geo” and “National Geographic, in the science/tech world, had 2.35 and 1.46 million consumers respectively, whilst travel magazine “Geo Saison’s” readership was up 7% to 610,000. The lifestyle offering “Gala” also had 2.35 million readers whilst weekly high-end fashion magazine “Grazia” had 300,000. Even in a year with less sport than usual, “11 Freunde”, the sports magazine maintained a readership of 820,000 people.

(Source: BENET)


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