Green Week On All Groupe M6 Channels

January 20, 2021

 The last week of January will once again be under the sign of the environment on all Groupe M6 channels as a “Semaine Green” (Green Week). Last year’s premiere attracted 29 million viewers; the media group has decided to launch another “Semaine Green” from January 24-31. A new film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand will be the highlight.


During this week, magazines and documentaries, series and films, news and shows will almost exclusively be dedicated to the environment. Groupe M6 will be underscoring its commitment to and responsibility for this mega-theme while at the same time fulfilling its task of providing information. The highlights of the “Semaine Green” include the premiere of a new film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, one of the best and most famous nature filmmakers in the world, titled Legacy – notre heritage. Five years after the ratification of the Paris climate agreement, M6 will exclusively present his masterpiece on Tuesday, January 26, during primetime starting at 9:05 p.m.

© M6 / W9 / 6ter / Téva / Gulli / 6play / RTL

© M6 / W9 / 6ter / Téva / Gulli / 6play / RTL

Many other programs of all Groupe M6 channels will focus on the topic during this week. For example, the automotive journal Turbo on M6 will present a special about electromobility on Sunday; E=M6 on the same day will deal with the environmentally friendly production of clothes and consumer goods. Shortly thereafter, 66 Minutes will report from the Norwegian city of Longyearbyen, the northernmost city on our planet and the place where the dramatic consequences of climate change can be most directly observed. Before Enquête exclusive sets out for the eco-tourism destination of Costa Rica in the evening, Zone Interdite will deal with the construction of an environmentally friendly single-family home.

Not only will the journal formats deal with environmental issues during “Semaine Green”, but the entertainment programs will, as well such as the daily short comedy Scènes de ménages. The Impossible, Super Danger and Deepwater Horizon are three US movies with environment-related plots. In addition to M6 and W9, the family channel 6ter and the children’s channel Gulli will address these issues. (Source BENET)

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