Groupe M6 Dedicates Programming to Agriculture

February 10, 2020

02/07/2020, Paris

At the end of February, the Salon International de l’Agriculture will open its doors for one week in Paris. All of Groupe M6’s radio stations and TV channels will be represented. They will dedicate their programming to agriculture in various shows. This even applies to two famous cooking shows in which, by way of exception, the ingredients are more important than their preparation.

With “L’amour est dans le pré”, the matchmaking show for farmers who are seeking a romantic partner, Groupe M6 can thank agriculture for one if its most successful TV shows ever. At the end of February, the stations and channels of the French media group will dedicate an entire week of programming mainly to agriculture and its important role in nutrition and the landscapes in France. At the occasion of the Salon International de l’Agriculture trade show, which will run from February 22 until March 1 in Paris, Groupe M6 will place the women and men involved in agriculture in the spotlight during its shows and give them a voice that will be heard by millions.

The main channel M6 is planning several specials about agriculture in its journals “E=M6”, “Capital” and “Zone Interdite”, as well as the news shows “12.45” and “19.45”. In the second part of the TV evening, the cooking show “Top Chef” will also deal with those who produce the ingredients from which top chefs create their top menus – the farmers. The popular cooking show “Un dîner presque parfait” will be dedicated to the subject for an entire week on the sister channel W9. Three shows about agriculture will be available on the online platform 6play: “L’amour vache”, “L’amour encore plus vache” and “Familles extraordinaires” about female farmers and life in the countryside. The children’s channel Gulli will present agriculture to the young audience in the three shows “Gu’live spéciale agriculture”, “Wazup” and “La ferme en folie”. Finally, the radio station RTL will report live from the Salon International de l’Agriculture for more than 15 hours in 14 shows. (Source BENET)

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