Powered by RTL Group | July 2019

Hearts & Minds

08.07.2019, The Netherlands, RTL Nederland

Artificial Intelligence technology from RTL Nederland.

At the recent Love Broadcasting event in London, Giovanni Piccirilli (CTO of RTL Nederland) spoke about the ‘(R)evolution of a broadcaster’ for an audience of industry leaders from the top broadcasters and platforms in Europe. In the company of other speakers from Google, Netflix, BBC and YouTube, Giovanni told his story about the unique position of RTL Nederland in the media landscape and the transformation they are undergoing. “RTL Nederland serves the viewer on many platforms with stories that touch our viewers in their hearts and minds. To do so, we rely on our advanced AI technology which gives us insights from digital touchpoints, panel research (TV) and social noise,” Giovanni explains. He reiterated their “unique position compared to other broadcasters and VOD providers. The combination of 30 years of experience and many insights from AI allows us to meet the needs of our fans with relevant creative content and a personalised online journey.”

At the same time, another event known as ‘Emerce Next’ event took place in the Beurs van Berlage. Pioneers and experts, innovators and early adopters discussed the success of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Blockchain and Quantum in marketing and business. An important event to get in touch with young digital & tech professionals and a great opportunity for employer branding. On the main stage, Geoffrey van Meer, Head of Data Intelligence at RTL Nederland was able to captivate the audience with his segment on ‘Artificial Intelligence in media – how RTL touches the heart and the mind’. His presentation triggered interest from many young professionals who visited the recruitment booth and the round table discussions led by RTL Nederland colleagues. Ultimately, due to the great interest in the presentation of Geoffrey, the exhibition booth and the round table sessions, Recruitment received the data from around 300 young professionals!