Powered by RTL Group | May 2018

IAB Europe Interact 2018

RTL AdConnect was one of the 2018 Interact’s media partners, next to Google, Teads TV, Italian Online and others international brands.

When: May 23-24 2018
Location: Mercure Milano Solari Hotel, Via Pietro Orseolo 1
Our Session: May 24 at 11:55
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 Event Hightlights

Anna-Maria Vujinovic, Digital Director of RTL AdConnect, joined Chris Le May, CEO of EBX, and Justin Gupta, Head of UK Broadcast and Entertainment Strategic Partnerships at Google, on the panel discussion ‘New dawn in digital advertising: partnerships, alliances and co-opetition.’ Moderated by Dr Daniel Knapp, Executive Director, TMT Research and Analytics at IHS Markit, the panel discussed the future of digital advertising and potential alliances and partnerships in the field.

From left to right: Dr Daniel Knapp, Executive Director, TMT Research and Analytics at IHS Markit, Justin Gupta, Head of UK Broadcast and Entertainment Strategic Partnerships at Google, Chris Le May, CEO of EBX and Anna-Maria Vujinovic, Digital Director of RTL AdConnect

The purpose of the event was to discuss the power of alliances in the digital advertising world and provide new perspectives on this particularly trending topic. Participants agreed on the importance of alliances and partnerships and also identified differences between the two notions. Justin Gupta said: “I think we need to make a distinction between partnerships and alliances. Partnerships for me is about gaining access to the market or technology and also being able to move forward very quickly and reducing risk. Whereas alliances are more about cooperation in order to gain additional scale, usually through sharing something, often customers, data updates and so forth.” Anna-Maria Vujinovic added: “For RTL AdConnect, partnerships and alliances are not only our core-business, there are part of our daily business – what we have been doing every day. In aligning different stakeholders, we have different objectives and targets which are married in one strategic vision.”

Chris Le May emphasised: “The rules of engagement have to be fair, they have to be recognised and they have to be something that you can’t walk away from.
The panel all agreed on the complexity of digital ecosystem as it is evolving today. Anna-Maria Vujinovic said: “Nowadays, a competitor is not only a competitor; it can also be a partner in different areas of your core business.” Chris Le May added: “It’s not a simple kind of black and white, positive or negative industry. (…) These are complex systems.

Asked about whether an alliance should be for or against something, Justin Gupta pointed out: “An alliance isn’t against something; it’s really about making a statement that this is where they consider their natural competitors to be now. (…) Obviously with YouTube that was considered to many broadcasters in the past to be very-very competitive. But now, people are not seeing it as a threat anymore.”

Although the partners and alliances players might be different, the participants identified some key areas of common interest. Anna-Maria Vujinovic highlighted: “Measurement, transparency and brand safety – those are the things that everyone should benefit out of it. But the way you go about and implement a sales strategy are different things. (…) All advertisers want a brand safe environment, like those we ensure on RTL Group broadcasters’ online platforms, like 6play. Knowledge sharing is also very important within the Group. For instance, one country focuses on HbbTV, another on Connected TV, then they exchange their experiences.“