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International Streaming Summit 2020

09.12.2019, Germany, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

International Forum of Experts: Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland invites experts to ‘International Streaming Summit 2020’

Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland invites the international streaming and broadcasting sector to the ‘International Streaming Summit’, which is being held for the first time. Executives from the world’s leading media companies will be welcomed to Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland headquarters in Cologne, Germany, on 18 March 2020 to exchange their expertise and discuss trends in workshop discussions attended by the very best from the sector. The focus of the expert conference is on strategic, commercial and content related issues. Case studies and keynote speeches will demonstrate strategies for acquiring and retaining customers, as well as price determination. In addition, the event will showcase best practices in the areas of advertising sales, distribution and marketing. The importance of international co-productions and the value of local content will be discussed as well.


Jan Wachtel on the planned networking event: “Streaming is shaking up media markets throughout Europe and worldwide. That is why now is precisely the right time to share experiences, exchange best-in-class approaches and learn from one another within the framework of an international forum of experts and in an open atmosphere.” Stephan Schäfer adds: “We want to create a place of inspiration and exclusive insights, in which those with operational responsibility can exchange views on current business issues in the streaming market. We look forward to participants returning to their businesses with inspiration and coming again the following year.

The ‘International Streaming Summit’ is being organised for the first time by Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. The forum of experts brings together top-class experts from leading media companies around the world that are active in both the streaming and broadcasting businesses. Executives are expected from the American market as well as from the major European markets such as UK, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavia and Germany.

Contact: Julia Kikillis TVNOW / MG RTL D

TVNOW is by far the strongest local streaming platform in the German market. With 5.04 million unique users (AGOF – Association of Online Research), the streaming platform has exceeded the five million mark for the third time in succession since its relaunch in December 2018. TVNOW currently offers around 34,000 hours of programming with mainly local content from different genres of programme, ranging from fiction, shows and real-life to sport and documentaries. The hybrid offering contains content that can be accessed free of charge, as well as the premium version for €4.99 a month.

The programmes from our German family of channels are watched by around 30 million people each day (viewers aged 3 and above, 1 January – 30 September 2019, AGF – Association of Video Research). Compared with the previous year, the market share of linear offerings increased to 31.1 per cent (+1.1 percentage points) among viewers aged 14 to 49, and to 28.2 per cent (+0.6 percentage points) among viewers aged 14 to 59 (1 January – 30 November 2019, AGF).