IP Belgium Launches its “Addressable TV” Offer

February 5, 2020

02/03/2020, Belgium, IP Belgium

IP Belgium launches its “Addressable TV” offer, which adapts the content aired to the interests of the people in a same household and combines the power of targeting with that of TV.

Following an agreement signed by Proximus and IP Belgium last December, the Belgian advertising market is changing.

Addressable television widens the “Arrow” targeted advertising offer, which is already used for digital campaigns, and increases the scope of addressable advertising in Belgium to three RTL television channels: RTL-TVI, Club RTL and Plug RTL. Thanks to addressable television, advertisements for the offer of SantéVet (animal health insurer) are directed specifically at the households concerned.

This new way of advertising is in keeping with consumer demand: 66 per cent want advertisements to be more in line with their interests and lifestyle.¹ Advertisements which are relevant are more likely to engage viewers and provoke an emotional response which helps increase the return on investment from adverts. IP Belgium’s offer is directed at existing advertisers who need targeted advertising and advertisers not yet present on television and makes it possible to target Proximus boxes both live and in replay. 

IP Belgium is in this way adding a new string to its bow, explains Denis Masquelier, General Manager: “We are proud to be one of Europe’s pioneers by launching targeted advertising on TV, which extends our ‘Arrow’ offer. As data becomes more and more important on the market, IP Belgium is adding to its Total Video strategy with its ‘Addressable TV’ offer. This allows us, once again, to promote innovation and offer solutions that are tailored to advertisers’ needs.

For Bart Swimberghe, Head of Smart ads at Proximus, addressable television marks the transition to an even more optimal way of operating: “We are proud to contribute to the development of television advertising. Targeted advertising provides a solution that allows consumers and brands to better come together. With IP Belgium’s contribution, we are launching an advertising personalisation solution to channels loved by French-speaking Belgian viewers. A new era for advertising is beginning and we are delighted to be among the pioneers.

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