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January 14, 2020

Germany, RTL Television, 01/13/2020

RTL Television launches fundraising appeal for Australia in its first live jungle camp show / Australian ambassador welcomes the format’s continued production in New South Wales.

As announced, the 14th season of Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus! (I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!) started on Friday evening with a statement on the tragic bush fires, which are currently also being closely followed in Germany. The show’s presenters, Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich, announced the launch of an RTL Television fundraising appeal for the country that has hosted the production of the jungle challenge for many years already.

In the opening programme, Daniel Hartwich said: “Being here already, we also want to help. Not as some pretext, but out of conviction and due to our deep connection with this country and its people.” Sonja Zietlow added: “We’ve been here for 16 years and made friends here. It’s a bit like our home from home.” Daniel Hartwich continued: “And if you’re thinking we should be doing more than make entertaining TV, we couldn’t agree more! So if we’re on the same wavelength, please join us in making a donation!

On the recommendation of the Australian Embassy in Berlin, RTL Television’s fundraising appeal is cooperating with the German Red Cross, which will pass on any donations to its sister organisation in Australia. The Australian Red Cross is providing support on the ground for local people affected by the bush fires. The funds raised will flow into an emergency relief and reconstruction fund. Specifically, the Australian Red Cross is supporting people in numerous evacuation and emergency aid centres, providing psychosocial assistance, distributing water, food and other relief supplies, and supplying emergency financial aid to people who have lost their homes to the bush fires.

RTL Television is kick-starting the fundraising appeal by contributing €100,000 of its own, and plans to donate more after the show’s final episode. In the meantime, the German Red Cross is already accepting donations.

Full details on the appeal, including a direct link for donating online, area already available on

Statement from Ambassador Lynette Wood: “Australia is experiencing devastating and widespread bushfires. These are challenging times for our country. We mourn those whose lives have been lost; and we extend our sympathy to those who’ve lost their homes and livelihoods. We are also deeply saddened by the loss of wilderness and wildlife. We have been humbled by incredible efforts of our volunteer firefighters and emergency services workers, and the enormous goodwill across Australia and from our friends internationally.
The Australian Government’s National Bushfire Recovery Agency is coordinating a national response to rebuild communities after the devastating fire-front has passed.
Many of the regions devastated by bushfires over recent months rely on visitors to support their local economy and the livelihoods of their community. The Australian Government welcomes tourism and business activity to boost local economies as they recover. I hope international visitors understand that right across Australia there are many wonderful experiences to be had.
For over a decade, German television show ‘Das Dschungelcamp’ has been filmed in Northern NSW. Close personal ties have been established with these local communities and local businesses supported. We are pleased to hear that the production is planned to continue, in close cooperation with local authorities to ensure the safety of the crew, cast and the local community.

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