Joint Venture D-Force Expands to Austria

February 7, 2020

02/05/2020, Austria

D-Force, the automated advertising booking platform for addressable TV and online video jointly founded by ProSiebenSat.1 and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland in June 2019, has expanded its offering to Austria. A separate team will initially serve the Austrian market from D-Force’s headquarters in Freiburg. Further internationalization is planned for this year.

Since the beginning of February, Austrian advertising customers have also been able to book targeted advertising videos – simply and conveniently via a standardized booking platform, with high reach and intelligent targeting options. This means that the programmatic video specialist has already taken its first step towards internationalization in Europe just a few weeks after commencing operations (see BENET report). D-Force is setting up a separate team for Austria, which will initially serve the market from D-Force’s headquarters in Freiburg.

Targets addressable both on TV and online

 The media portfolio bookable via D-Force in Austria will initially comprise the addressable TV offers of IP Austria and Pro Sieben Sat.1 Puls 4 and will be gradually expanded with additional digital video inventories from the two marketers as well as other media companies. D-Force says it is seeking partnerships with other video providers in the Austrian market. The many options for targeting consumers include sociodemographic criteria such as age, gender, and household income. This means that viewers and users can be targeted with advertising campaigns that are relevant for them, on television and online. And unlike on social media, for example, in a guaranteed attractive and brand-safe environment.

“D-Force is a milestone for the Austrian marketing industry as well,” says Jens Pöppelmann, Managing Director of D-Force. “Its one-stop shop approach simplifies the booking of combined addressable-TV and video campaigns, and thereby secures significant growth potential for programmatic video advertising.” He adds that he is pleased the joint venture has already embarked on its desired internationalization after such a short time. “This is an ideal base on which we can build our further expansion in Europe,” says Pöppelmann. (Source BENET)

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