Powered by RTL Group | November 2017

“Linear TV will continue to play a fundamental role”

21.11.2017, Luxembourg, RTL Group

On the occasion of World Television Day, key media alliances celebrate the trustworthiness of TV with a special TV spot and a social media campaign.

Once again, the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and egta, the association of television and radio sales houses have produced a 30-second video clip emphasising the role TV has around the world as provider of trusted content. It will be aired by broadcasters across Europe, Asia, Canada, USA and Australia on 21 November 2017 on the occasion of World Television Day, as declared by the United Nations.

To celebrate their love of television, viewers are also encouraged to use the hashtags #WeloveTV and #WorldTVDay on social networks.

The video highlights that now, more than ever, the trustworthiness of television plays a central part in our daily lives as it keeps viewers up to date on what is going on at home and abroad and brings the world’s attention to what matters. Editorial responsibility, truthful reporting, top quality content, the safest environment and the reliable, independent measurement system are the DNA of TV. This makes it a unique medium for world-class content and a fully brand-safe environment, no matter on which device.

The collected studies on trust and more can be consulted in a dedicated section on the World TV Day website.

To mark World Television Day, Guillaume de Posch, Co-CEO of RTL Group, says: “To mark World Television Day, it’s important to reiterate that linear TV will continue to play a fundamental role, and this mainly for four reasons. Firstly, it’s the only medium capable of enabling advertisers to reach, say, five to ten million viewers at once, while the internet is a highly atomised environment. Secondly, the prime nature of television is also explained by its “curation” of unwanted external influences, such as offensive or illicit content, which is sometimes seen on websites. Thirdly, television remains a medium close to its audience, with locally-produced content. Fourthly and finally, the fact that TV is free for consumers, works in broadcaster’s favour, as nothing beats free.”

Magnus Brooke, Chairman of the Board of ACT, delivered the following message on the occasion of World Television Day in a common press release: “TV’s worldwide audience is not only staying faithful but growing fast as viewers tune in to top quality content made and acquired by broadcasters. We are extremely proud to be among the most trusted media, and are constantly searching for new world-class content to continue to entertain and inform millions of people around the world each week.”

Katty Roberfroid, egta Director General, adds: “At a time when advertisers demand transparency and brand-safety, the trusted environment that television offers seems more relevant than ever. TV excels at offering a premium and sound environment for commercial communications, not only because broadcasters have been operating in this environment for decades, but also because TV is measured and audited by trust-worthy third parties, framed by strict legal rules and its content is produced highly professionally. This is truly the DNA of television even as it transforms digitally to operate on new online platforms. The editorial responsibility vis-à-vis consumers and brands alike remains unchanged ̶ and even emphasised ̶ in the online video sphere.”

The entire press release of The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), ACT and egta, can be downloaded here.