M6 Celebrates 10 Years Of ‘Scènes de ménages’

October 25, 2019
10/24/2019, Paris
The evening short comedy series “Scènes de ménages” is celebrating its tenth anniversary. M6 launched the show, which became a magnet for audiences, on November 9, 2009. On November 7, 2019, 23,000 filmed episodes later, a primetime special will be aired. “Scènes de ménages” attracts an average of 3.6 million viewers.

On November 9, 2009, one of the biggest and longest success stories of the French TV channel began on M6. On that day, the first episode of the short comedy series “Scènes de ménages” was aired. From then on, the series would attract French TV viewers to the fiercely competitive primetime slot every evening at 8:25 p.m. on M6. The French followed this call happily and en masse. Shortly after the show’s launch, viewer numbers and audience share skyrocketed in this time slot. Today, 3.6 million viewers on average tune in to watch each individual episodes of “Scènes de ménages”. Now, precisely ten years and 23,000 episodes later, M6 will celebrate the show’s anniversary with a primetime special on November 7.

It will be the 14th special in the history of “Scènes de ménages”. The past specials took viewers out of the usual studio setting on a skiing holiday, to campground or even to La Réunion. Along with the lead roles in the multi-generation household with its everyday issues and problems, a total of 1,726 supporting roles were cast over the course of the ten years. 25 authors have written the stories. Two directors realized them, and 170 celebrity guests appeared in individual episodes of the short comedy. Now, the anniversary special will bring back the best scenes from the most successful daily series on French television.


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