December 2019

M6 Hosts A Cook-Off For Top Chefs – In Italy

Paris, 12/02/2019

On December 12, M6 will air “Chef contre Chef.” The new cooking show features two well-known personalities from TV cooking shows – presenter Cyril Lignac and TV show judge Jean-François Piège – return to their roles as top chefs…and contestants. In Naples, they will test their skills at the stove for a week, culminating in a grand finale in front of a jury of top Italian chefs.

“Top Chef,” “Un dîner presque parfait,” “Le meilleur pâtissier,” and “La meilleure boulangerie” – over recent years, Groupe M6 has created a number of popular, long-running TV hits with its cooking, food, and fine dining formats. Now a new cooking show is being added, featuring two familiar faces: TV chef Cyril Lignac and “Top Chef” judge Jean-François Piège test their skills at the stove in “Chef contre Chef.” And not in their home country France, but in neighboring Italy. M6 will air the two top chefs’ cook-off on Thursday, December 12, in primetime at 9:05 p.m. Afterwards, from 11 p.m., M6 takes viewers on a culinary tour of Italy’s regions and their respective specialties.

Piège and Lignac meet in Naples, the city that gave Italy and the world many delicious classics, starting with the Margherita pizza. The pair will prepare authentic dishes from the region. And while they usually judge or comment on other people’s cooking in front of the camera, in “Chef contre Chef” Piège and Lignac become contestants themselves. For a week, they will keep facing new tests and assignments, starting with a contest to cook the aforementioned classic, the Margherita pizza, followed in the second round by the famous sfogliatelle pastries, also from Naples, then Pasta della Mama, a delicious lasagna.

In the final, the two chefs create a three-course menu inspired by their personal experiences during their trip to Italy. The dishes are judged by a panel of top Italian chefs. Jean-François Piège and Cyril Lignac will not only compete against each other there, but also for France in a cook-off between the two lands of gourmets. Cyril Lignac runs three restaurants, five confectioners, and a chocolaterie. He is the author of two bestsellers and has long been a television chef on various M6 shows. Jean-François Piège manages five restaurants, with a sixth, “l’Épi d’or,” about to open. He has been awarded two Michelin stars and is considered to be one of the world’s best and most inventive chefs. (Source BENET)