Powered by RTL Group | October 2019


07.10.2019, Germany, RTL Zwei

RTL II rebrands to RTL Zwei. The German TV channel unveils its new design.

Since 7 October 2019, RTL Zwei sports a completely new design that meets the requirements of all communication channels. The new design showcases the essence of the brand, the number-one reality channel in German-speaking countries, in a clearer, more contemporary manner.

The channel’s familiar round logo is replaced by a square icon with an open frame, containing, in its centre, the Roman digits II with dynamically chamfered edges. The word “Zwei” (meaning two in German), is written out for the first time, in the modern new logo.

Carlos Zamorano, Head of Marketing & Communications, says: “RTL Zwei is synonymous with young, modern, innovative reality TV. We are a player in a fragmented, digitised and competitive market. So, our new corporate design pursues the clear objective of ensuring that RTL Zwei remains totally recognisable as an unmistakable, independent entertainment brand. Our presence has to stand out – on all distribution channels, on air, and nowadays especially in the digital environment. This way, a strong channel brand radiates its strength onto our content brands, and vice versa.”

Tina Wiesner and Carlos Zamorano © RTL Zwei / David Heimerl

The brand was last re-designed in February 2015. Since then, the channel has moved on in many ways. By focusing steadily on content that represents real life in all its diversity, RTL Zwei has enhanced its profile on the market. The major reports on social issues and new documentary formats it airs mean that the channel is also offering more informative content than ever before. At the same time, viewers, both on air and online, are enthralled by reality entertainment shows like Love Island. The new design reflects this comprehensive change.

Tina Wiesner, Creative Director and Head of Creation & Promotion, adds: “This design gives us much more space for the images and faces associated with our programmes. They are our focal point. The new look is a frame: bright, open, versatile, cool, with clean lines – but the design never gets in the way of our images. RTL Zwei’s clear content-related profile will henceforth be directly visible in the channel’s identity.”

That new identity is predominantly white, supplemented by four friendly C.I. colours.

Infographic on the logo’s historical development © RTL Zwei

Carlos Zamorano adds: “Our visual language compellingly reflects RTL Zwei’s claim to depict reality. That’s why, we always use actual locations whenever possible, rather than green box recordings. For us it was particularly important to develop a design that fulfils the requirements of all communication channels: on air, online, mobile, in print and on the ground.”

A video of the re-design