Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland sets records across its digital offer

January 14, 2021

December 2020 saw Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s digital offer, which includes TV Now, and NTV, set multiple records for number of site visits. Across all platforms, there were 497.16 million visits in the month of December alone, which represents an increase of 79% year-on-year.

In a year where everyone was glued to the news to make sense of an unprecedented situation, it is perhaps unsurprising that NTV, the group’s main news outlet, had 311.78 million site visits, an increase of a staggering 126% year-on-year. The general platform,, broke a million visits whilst TV Now cemented itself as Germany’s leading streaming platform with 31.34 million visits. The group’s social medias then subsequently gained fans and followers, ending up on 38.18 million.

Even Mediengruppe RTL’s smaller sites had record months., the group’s tabloid offering, saw an increase of 59% year-on-year, resulting in 20.27 million visits whilst the cooking community, kochbar, had 26.32 million visits, up 33% from the previous record that was set the month before.

These results highlight the strength of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s offer across all German-speaking regions and the power of Total Video.


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