April 2019

Meet RTL AdConnect at Advertising Week Asia

May 2019

Join us at Advertising Week Asia on May 27-30, held at Tokyo Midtown in Tokyo. We are official partners with #AWASIA: a worldwide gathering of marketing, advertising, technology and brand professionals. From daytime seminars and workshops featuring some of the industry’s brightest minds to organized networking and world-class entertainment.

Advertising Week crosses the globe with events in New York, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Sydney and Johannesburg.


Day 2 – Tuesday 28th May – 2:50 PM
Hall B-2 RTL

Seminar: Local vs Global. How brands can stay relevant in a multi-local world?


  • Stephane Coruble, CEO at RTL AdConnect International
  • Hirosuke Usui, Director, International Affairs Department of President’s Office at TBS Holdings, Inc
  • Soon Chang, Solutions Engineer at Spot X

There have never been more locally produced TV shows, there have never been such a wide range of content platforms and broadcasters. Our viewing habits have never been more diverse. As such there’s no such thing as a global format, just successful local formats that are resilient and adaptable enough to be transferrable to different markets and withstand localisation. Do not confuse ‘global’ with repeatable and scaleable.

TV programmers get this. But do advertisers?

In this session we will explore what advertisers can learn from TV about speaking to global audiences on an intimate, local level, and demonstrate how global brands can become more adaptable, more localised and improve their communications efforts for audiences around the world.

Day 2 – Tuesday 28th May – 4:30 PM
Hall B-1 RTL

Workshop: Global TV Trends across Asia, Europe and the US: Where Does the Value Sit for Advertisers?


  • Daniel Bischoff, CMOO – @RTL AdConnect

An interactive workshop to explore how brands can adapt their communications strategies for local audiences on a global scale. We’ll discuss the biggest trends in TV from addressable to local content to subscription services and how those trends vary from Asia to Europe to America. We’ll discover how audiences behave differently around the world – what they watch, when they watch it and how they watch it. And we will give you tools to better understand where the value sits for advertisers hoping to maximise their investment in TV.

May 27-30, 2019

Tokyo Midtown
9 Chome-7-1 Akasaka, Minato City
Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

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