Michaël Youn Back On Air – With Carte Blanche

March 11, 2020

03/10/2020, Paris

In 2000 he was the comedy star on M6 with his morning show. Then, the comedian and actor Michaël Youn devoted himself more to music and the stage for 20 years. On March 19, he returns to his roots: primetime on M6. And the channel has given him carte blanche for his two feature-length shows.

To give carte blanche to a comedian who in his wild years once turned Parisian fountains into a bubble bath for an entire evening of television – may seem like a gamble. At least at first glance. But the risk is probably a calculated one, and the success will possibly be all the greater when Michaël Youn returns at 9:05 PM on March 19 after nearly two decades away from television to where his career began – to M6. He is the host of the new comedy show “Le Morning Night,” which spans two full evenings of television. The seemingly contradictory title is partly due to the primetime slot, and partly in reminiscence of “Morning Live,” the radio presenter and theatre actor’s breakthrough show on M6’s morning lineup in 2000.

Michaël Youn’s two companions from back in the day are also returning to the screen: Vincent Desagnat and Benjamin Morgaine. And that’s not all. A Who’s Who of the French comedy scene will appear as guests, and the actress Charlotte Gabris and the actor Tom Villa are also scheduled to be part of the show. “I tried everything to get rid of Vincent and Benjamin somehow, to lose them in the woods,” says Youn, “but they came back as a pack of four, with Charlotte and Tom.” And on “Le Morning Night” they won’t just perform, but also compete – against each other. Comedians will become contestants. They will have to prove themselves in various tests. They compete for the comedy crown and a prize that is not money or gold, but ten minutes of airtime on M6 to do absolutely whatever they want with. So once again, the channel is fully embracing risk. (Source BENET)

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