Powered by RTL Group | October 2018

Murderous Masterminds

15.10.2018, The Netherlands, RTL 4
Nine Dutch celebrities must become detectives in order to solve a murder in the Swedish country side.
Vivienne van den Assem, Eva Cleven, Bo Maerten, Kluun, Viggo Waas, Kaj van der Ree, Loretta Schrijver, Birgit Schuurman and Fred Teeven will star in the second season of the RTL 4 programme Kroongetuige (Crown Witness), while Monic Hendrickx will present.
The nine detectives are going to try to solve a (fictitious) murder in Sweden and move into a monumental Swedish house near the crime scene. They do not know exactly what happened. They have to solve it with minimal clues left behind in the Swedish industrial town of Köping. Day and night the celebrities will get to grips with the crime story, which they – in contrast to the viewer – have seen nothing of. In every episode, the worlds of fiction and reality run through each other. The characters from the fiction dive into the daily life of the detectives. They live in a created world in which they must be alert 24/7.
Will it be possible for one of the celebrities to expose the perpetrator?
You can also play at home. With the app you imagine yourself in Köping, in Sweden where it all happens. Every week you can search along with the detectives through games and extra content and per episode you can predict who you think is the Crown witness.
Kroongetuige is produced by Strix Television and can be seen from 15 October on RTL 4 at 21:30.