Powered by RTL Group | February 2018

New channel featuring a top 360 video projects for Inception

Israel, Inception

Inception has announced the launch of a new channel featuring a selection of top 360 video projects from the Associated Press (AP).

Inception’s AP channel, available on the Inception app, will offer 360 videos across a broad spectrum of historical, cultural and social topics, aimed at connecting audiences to global issues on a deeper level.

“We believe that with AP on board, our audience will be able to enjoy an even broader range of professional and high quality content,” says Inception CEO Benny Arbel. “We are excited to embark on this journey to explore the future of journalism. We believe that VR will introduce more realism into the news experience and create an even more powerful impact.”

Benny Arbel

“We are pleased to offer a selection of AP’s 360 videos to a wider audience by working with Inception,” says Fernando Ferre, Vice President of Business Development at The Associated Press. “The content AP has produced lets viewers experience remote places such as North Korea, allowing them to explore journalism in a new way.”