Powered by RTL Group | October 2018

Engaging Foodies with Total Video

Discover the new edition of the ‘Total Video Cooking Trends’ by RTL AdConnect!
Total Video experience is key for brands that want to engage the Foodies target group at any time and on any device. Cooking TV shows and YouTube videos are proved to engage food lovers.
Cookery content is at an all-time high: it’s trending on TV and digital platforms, and attracts large communities on social media. At RTL AdConnect, we provide high-quality programmes and lots of established YouTube cooking channels.

With a broad offer of broadcaster VOD platforms in 12 European countries and 35,000 influencers on YouTube worldwide, we help brands build their Total Video campaigns around high-quality
content. We create tailor-made solutions for advertisers, ensuring they make the right media decisions.
With the power of Total Video, RTL AdConnect allows brands to branch out beyond domestic audiences and discover a new way to simply reach more!
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