September 2019

New Format For The New TV Season In France

05.09.2019, France, Groupe M6

Solid perennials like “L’amour est dans le pré” are in the lineup, set to ensure stability and top ratings in the M6 program line-up in 2019/20 as well. Beyond these, however, the channel is also daring to innovate across all genres, including French drama and U.S. series, as well as documentaries, shows, and magazines.

Surprising and innovative” – is how the 2019/2020 TV season on M6 will be, said Guillaume Charles, Director of Programming, yesterday when the French channel presented its new program line-up for the next few months. He said the channel is committed, intense, and full of merriment as it starts the television year that begins in the next few days. “New” hits the nail on the head. M6 is introducing more fresh formats than it has in a long time. These innovations are possible, says Charles, because of the strength and soundness that the channel has established over the years with its major programming brands. Brands that made it the only free-to-air TV channel in France that managed to grow in the highly competitive primetime in the past season – and which will of course, all newcomers aside, shape the 2019/2020 TV year.

Whether drama productions from France or U.S. series, documentaries or magazines, entertainment programs or show spectacles –the forthcoming innovations at M6 cover almost all genres.Ten years after causing a sensation with his film “Home,” photographer and director Yann Arthus-Bertrand returns with a new masterpiece: “Legacy.” A very personal work by Arthus-Bertrand, it is based on his forty years of struggling for the conservation of our planet, and shows how acutely and enormously it is threatened right now. Once again, “Legacy” promises to deliver both fantastic and vulnerable images of our planet Earth.

The French production “Forces spéciales: l’expérience” promises exciting entertainment in the new M6 program line-up, as four ex-military special forces members subject 25 volunteers to the hardest, toughest physical and mental tests. The contestants of the also-new French adaptation of “Shark Tank” should have it a little easier as young startup founders get the opportunity of a lifetime when they present their business ideas to six potential investors and are advised by them. The program will be presented by Julien Courbet, who also presents another M6 real-estate show with Stéphane Plaza.

In “La meilleure offre,” they help property owners who have to sell their residential property as fast as possible for the best possible price.

Another new format gets a very familiar presenter in the person of Karine Le Marchand (the face of “L’amour est dans le pré”): “Opération Renaissance.” For the first time in TV history, camera teams accompanied people who suffer from obesity and decided to undergo surgery and thus radically change their lifestyle, over a period of three years. Cristina Cordula, Cyril Lignac, and Jean-François Piège are also given new, additional assignments. While in “Objectif 10 ans de moins” Cordula does everything she can to make her contestants look ten years younger after three weeks, the two chefs Lignac and Piège meet in southern Italy for a veritable cook-off.

As a well-known brand among cooking shows, “Top Chef” is not new to the program line-up, but it does have a new face: Besides Hélène Darroze, Philippe Etchebest, and Michel Sarran, Paul Pairet is a new member of the judging panel. Pairet is considered one of the most innovative chefs of his generation. He owns three restaurants in Shanghai and has three Michelin stars. Things are happening on “La France a un incroyable talent” as well: As reported, comedian Donel Jack’sman will look behind the scenes of the format during the second part of the show evening.


The promised merriment in the M6 program line-up will most certainly be provided by Jack’sman and Jamel Debbouze. With “Maintenant ou Jamel” the channel will broadcast a live show with the comedian who has been selling out stadiums in France with his performances for three years. Both the play “L’invitation” by and with Philippe Lellouche, and the long-running hit “Scènes de ménages,” which has been on air again since the end of August and rang in the new TV season, so to speak, promise a lot of fun.

M6 serves up three new mini-series in the weeks and months ahead: In “Ils étaitent 10,” ten women and ten men are abandoned on a tropical island. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, and in the end there is only one contestant left. Inspired by Agatha Christie, the series extends over six one-hour episodes. The two series “L’homme que j’ai condamné” and “Un homme ordinaire” each run for four one-hour episodes. They promise exciting drama in the courtroom, private investigations, and internet research. Murder is also the subject of the ten-part US series “Why Women Kill” by the creator of the iconic series “Desperate Housewives.” It focuses on three women from different decades who all live in the same house and have something in common: they were cheated on by their partner, and want to put him six feet under.

M6 is also importing the two U.S. series “Instinct” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” the latter based on the famous 1994 movie of the same name. Top American entertainment is also guaranteed by the movies “La La Land,” “Lion,” and “Zootopia” (also known as “Zootropolis”) as well as the French movie “Rock’n Roll.

Last but not least: What would the M6 lineup be without the great game of soccer? At least incomplete. And so the official media partner of the men’s and women’s national teams will accompany both teams every step of the way: The women on their path to the European Championship 2021; the men, reigning world champions, during the European Championship 2020 qualifiers.  (Source benet)