New M6 Series Once Again Plays Behind Bars

November 26, 2019

Paris, 11/22/2019

On December 4, M6 will launch the new six-episode series “Prise au piège” with Élodie Fontan in the lead role. She plays an unjustly imprisoned woman who has to adjust to the tough rules of prison life. The series is based on Alex Pina’s successful Spanish series “Vis a vis”; Pina was also responsible for “Casa de papel”.

Several years after the sweeping success of “Prison Break”, M6 once again relies on a prison series as an audience magnet: on Wednesday, December 4 at primetime starting at 9:05 p.m., the French channel will launch “Prise au piège”. In six 52-minute episodes, the series will deal with a young woman, played by Élodie Fontan, who is unjustly accused of murder and locked up in pretrial detention. “Prise au piège” is based on the Spanish original “Vis a vis” by Alex Pina, the creator of the successful international series “Casa de Papel” (“House of Money”). M6 commissioned the production together with Télévision Belge. The series was filmed in the former Breda prison in the Netherlands with its round and mighty cupola architecture.

Élodie Fontan, mainly known from the French movie “Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon Dieu?” (Serial (Bad) Weddings) and its sequel, plays the character of Anna Rivière in the new M6 series. She is locked up in pretrial detention for a murder she did not commit and encounters a world of violence that previously seemed unimaginable to her. An easy prey for the other inmates at the beginning, she learns to adjust to the rules of prison life and to cross boundaries – just to survive. Anna’s hopes rest on her father and brother. They are the only ones able to help prove her innocence, but they have been completely ignoring each other for ten years. Jean-Hugues Anglade plays the role of the father, and Vincent Rottiers plays her brother. Manon Azem, Samir Boitard, Bruno Debrandt and Nicolas Van Beveren are cast in other roles, and Karim Ouaret directed the series. (Source benet)


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