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March 10, 2020

03/09/2020, France, Groupe M6

After the successful launch of its native podcast offering, Groupe M6 unveils new content.

Launched in May 2019, the Groupe M6 native podcast offering based around strong editorial subjects across the group’s TV, radio and digital channels quickly found its audience, with content accessed over 6 million times. 

The group’s writing and production expertise for audio and the power of its brands and hosts attracted really good audiences right from the start: content accessed an average of 50,000 times per episode, rising to 100,000 for Les voix du crime and Les françaises au lit.

The new season is strong evidence of Groupe M6’s ambitious plans for this area, and its ability to adapt in response to new listening habits. More of the Group’s iconic brands and channels (Paris Première, Capital, Golden) are now offering native podcasts on a wide and ever-changing range of subjects.

Every two weeks from 9 March 2020, audio broadcast of a reportage from the programme presented by Julien Courbet.

People talk anonymously about why they decided to adopt more responsible and sustainable habits, putting them into practice in their everyday lives. Every other Thursday from 9 March 2020, 20 to 25-minute episodes.

In a heart-on-sleeve interview, a world-famous DJ goes back over the twists and turns of their career. Four 15 to 20-minute episodes every week from 9 March 2020.

A stroll around New York with Gaëtan Roussel, who explores the city and tells and anecdotes from his music career. Five 20 to 30-minute episodes. Every Thursday from 9 March 2020.

A look back at major moments in the life of the French squad during the Euro football competition, from Platini to Griezmann and Zidane. Eight 20 to 25-minute episodes. Every other week from 9 March 2020.

Film journalist Thierry Cheze tells the story of a cinema classic. 15 minutes per episode.

Carole Vega tells the story behind the making of a massive pop rock hit in six minutes. Weekly from 9 March 2020.

The latest pop culture news in one to three minutes every day.

Every day, Bruno Guillon and his team extend the programme with a 10 to 20-minute podcast with 100% exclusive content available across all platforms for 24 hours only.

Ten minutes of the best sketches from 10 comics recorded in binaural sound at the Barbès Comedy Club, available from 9 March 2020.

Every week, journalist Philippe Corbé reads a 15-minute letter from America, sharing his perceptions of a complex country ruled by the indomitable Donald Trump. Season two airs every Tuesday from 9 March 2020.


Created and produced by RTL Originals for “non-linear” consumption with targeted narration and delivery, the new content is available at, the number one radio web site with 12 million unique visitors per month, and partner digital platforms.

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